Getting To Nova Scotia


There is a few ways of getting here...

  • Boat - The CAT fast ferry leaves Portland ME daily @ 2:30 PM    


  • Plane- WestJet offers cheap flights between Boston and Halifax


  • Driving- Its about an 11 hour drive from Boston to Halifax

Places to stay.. 

If your looking to stay in the Yarmouth area we highly recommend these two places:

  • Boulder Cove Cottages- Gunning Cove, NS -

  • Best Western Mermaid- Yarmouth, NS -


Things to know...

  • You do need a valid Passport to cross the border
  • We all made mistakes in college... Make sure any criminal convictions are sorted out before arrival
  • On that same note the CBSA takes DUIs very seriously..its considered a felony offense up here
  • Buy your Alcohol and Tobacco products in The U.S... they are very expensive in Nova Scotia